Yui’s Uncensored Bukkake Blast Cum Party!

Ready for your Daily Dose of Japanese Jizz?

There's a salacious 50-cumshot party over at Urabukkake today and our semen-slut of honor is Yui! She a cute and slutty Japanese teen with that classic hairstyle: straight-cut bangs with long and luscious raven hair. A slender, nubile body with soft creamy skin that demands a good splashing of fresh jizz. Personally, I go absolutely bonkers for shaved Asian girls, but Yui's lightly-trimmed tuft of pubic hair has got my juices flowing. Mmmm :-)

Yui enters, wearing her high school sailor outfit with a look of bewilderment upon her face. She didn't expect to see 50+ ravenous Japanese men in their underwear anxiously awaiting to assault her face with their dicks. Sparing little time, they swoop in to take full advantage of that fit, teen body. Look at how they contort her face and lips by rubbing their hard cocks across her lips and eyes. Ferocious fuckers!

Every square inch of Yui's exposed body comes into contact with penis, hands, sweat and sperm. What a fucking mess of jizz! Just look at that glistening cake-wad of ball batter as it drips off of her face. And it refuses to stop. She's at a loss for words. All she can do is moan in ecstasy while more middle-aged men drain their seeds upon her teenage body. Gotta fucking love Urabukkake! What perverted, filthy smut Japan produces these days.

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Uncensored - Relentless Jizz Blasting of Schoolgirl Sluts ]

Shooting Hot Cum into Kanon’s Teen Mouth!

Finally! Kanon’s Awesome Mouth Spunking Gallery!

Can I Cum Now?!?!

The anticipation was getting to the point of sheer irritation, but it was well worth the wait. Urabukkake has finally released some great uncensored videos of gorgeous Japanese teen Kanon having her gaping mouth completely loaded. You’ve gotta love perverted Japanese girls like Kanon who’ll take cumshot after cumshot and playfully frothing it around. You can even hear her pussy getting wetter by the second as she masturbates that tight teen pussy. Too much info alert: For this particular occasion, I’ve saved a special triple-shot of jizz for her to enjoy. It may never reach her naughty little face, but at least I can dream! :-)

Urabukkake may be one of the smaller bukkake/gokkun sites, but their production is top-notch. The girls are phenomenal: super cute, slutty, cum-crazed and “rare”. By rare, that is to say, almost all the Urabukkake girls are either exclusive to the site, have never been in an adult scene before (true amateur girls), or have few scenes under their belts skirts :-). This adds a refreshing dose of realness to their site, which always puts more of a perk in my pants. They’re also the only site that can claim being the “ONLY UNCENSORED JAPANESE BUKKAKE SITE ON THE WEB.” For my hard-earned money, they’re worth it!

NEW GIRL! KANON’S Cum Drinking Gokkun Party Movie!

Fill Her Mouth w/ 8 Hot Loads of Jizz! Gulp!

japanese gokkun uncensored movie I hope you haven’t eaten because we’ve been saving a fuck-ton of semen in our testicles for one particular Japanese schoolgirl. Kanon is one of the new girls at Urabukkake—a cute and seemingly innocent teen that lives up to the depravity of her jizz drinking sisters. Surprisingly, her debut at Urabukkake isn’t a full-on, face-drenching bukkake party. Nope. She raised the bar and wanted to show us her craving for hot Japanese cum and how she can gulp it down just as good as any Gokkun queen in the biz.

ゴックン ! ! !

Amazing how wide she can open her mouth and catch every last drop. We had 8 men volunteer their semen donation to Kanon. How excited they must have been. Well, you can tell in this excellent new scene that they are struggling to keep from popping their loads too early. Can you blame them? With a precious schoolgirl like Kanon begging for your load while kneeling in front of your cock, the last thing you’re thinking about is denying her request.

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Chiharu’s Body Bukkake Party Pics!

Put on Your Party Hats!

Big Japanese Tits get Jizzed!

And that’s not all. Chiharu is back in her skimpy gold bikini looking fine as can be. She cradles her big Asian tits teasingly, pushing her cleavage together … massaging her boobs as if to welcome thirsty mouths for some milk. For a Japanese girl, she’s not super-skinny like the many we’ve seen before. This one has some meat on her bones, and I bet it makes some of you very hungry.

Chiharu crouches low into a convenient position for the several hard cocks already being wanked. We get a nice sampling of her naked Japanese tits being probed by penises. The men also seem to love to ram themselves right into her warm armpit. They fuck it a little and then pull out, back onto rubbing her tits. Chiharu loves all the attention she getting. Working up their jizz like champs, we got one thing left to do to her clean body: spermify it with tons of sticky semen! Let the Bukkake Party commence!

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Matsuri Urabukkake Movie Galleries! Young Office Lady Cumshot Facial Party!

Welcome, Matsuri! Very sexy in your formal wear, but that will be coming off soon enough!

Upon a simple request to the Urabukkake team, Matsuri’s secret obsession for getting naked and being showered in hot cum is made a reality! She came from work in her dapper OL (office lady) suit ready to cut through the bullshit and get right to some cock sucking.

She takes it deep into her throat and works up some frothy spit as she gags like a champ. Matsuri seems to like taking cocks like that, so more men line up to stuff her face repeatedly as she giggles. She spreads out nicely onto a table so the men off to the sides can crowd in and get a grab of her naked body.

Rubbing that pussy with her slender fingers, she invites some of the perverts to rub their own penises against her clitoris. She really starts to get turned on at this point, but not as much as when she gets hit with her first fresh load from a performer. You’ve gotta check out this exceptional bukkake orgy!

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Mai Urabukkake Movie Galleries! Japanese Teen Bukkake Session!

Mai gets close for some solo cock sucking and smutty talk to the viewers!

When most Japanese are off busy studying like maniacs at cram-school, Mai is flexing her bukkake muscles at Urabukkake studios. Today she even brought her gym uniform to show us how serious she is about working out with the fellas. At the very site of her skinny body and small boobs, the men were ready to swoop in like a bunch vultures and peck at her with their hungry penises.

However, we start off a little slow and warm Mai up with just one cock for starters. She rubs her face with it and gets excited pretty damn fast and begins begging for more. We weren’t going to let her down, so we let those horny fuckers waiting off-camera come in and smother her face like she demanded. Once her clothes came off it officially turned into a group bukkake session.

Everyone was either stroking their shafts, being sucked off or prodding her flesh with their erections! Once the cumshots came spurting it was the moment Mai and her workout buddies were all waiting for: a good ol’ natural Protein Shake for our next Japanese jizz princess!

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